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Swine Flu kits scandal exposed
Only Hi-Tech Indian Molecular Diagnostic Company for Sale


First & the only hi-tech indian molecular diagnostic company developing, manufacturing & exporting real time pcr based kits is for sale/acquisition. Only multinationals or large Indian houses should bid for the same. Bids for mergers, joint ventures or colloborations will not be considered. However we would be willing to help the would be acquirer on the technical aspects of the products. Sale will be for a low cost as compared to the international prices for any such company as we do not want to remain part of this corrupt system prevalant in india. The acqurier before bidding should be aware of the fact that the company has got extreme growth potentiol & any kind of business can be generated as molecular diagnostics market is exploding worldwide, provided you are willing to follow the corrupt indian system. Hence should bid accordingly.

We are the Second Molecular Diagnostic Company in the world to develop & manufacture Real Time PCR based Kits. But unfortunately we are based in India where such a Corrupt system exists that we could not grow beyond a Certain point as we were not willing to please & GREASE the Corrupt people at high places. Rather we wanted the benefits to go the common people of India.

However the companies planning to buy/acquire us out please note the following: (Advisory Only for Multinationals)

1. The Indian System is so corrupt that you will face problems at every stage & will have to bribe virtually every department.

2. You may not get the Manufacturing License for newly developed Kits due to the corrupt & a frivolous organization like Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) which actually does not have any role to play in Licensing. But still they can poke their nose & you will be asked stupid & such frivolous questions in the expert committee meeting’s that you will be ashamed of your own self why you came to India. Be aware that we have not received permission to manufacture Swine Flu kits since August 2009 despite our kits proving out to be better than the CDC recommended kit.

3. Currently we have a manufacturing License for 43 kits besides the research reagents. There are almost 80 more developed parameters for which License addition is required. We have already submitted application for 11 of these in 2009 which has not been cleared till date BECAUSE OF Corrupt ICMR. For rest of the 40 parameters the application is still to be submitted.

4. However, you can get the permission within no time to manufacture if you are willing to bribe them in a big way. You can surely increase the products cost to any level. No one will question you if you can do so even at the cost of dead bodies of Indians.

5. We also have some very exceptional DNA/RNA extraction kits where the yield is even better than the best in the world. These Kits can also fetch you extremely good business.

6. Your Intention to come to India should be only making money & not service to people otherwise you will never survive in India.

7. You should have the requisite money power & lobby group to appease people at high places.

8. Also be aware that no rules, regulations exist in India. By paying bribes you can get the rules bended in your favour as you wish. Then you can make any kind of money.

9., Even if you write to the Prime Minister of the country there will be no response. Hence simply do not rely on the system to work for you in any respect.

10. Another way out is after buying us out, you can take the technology back to your country. Produce in your country, as chances are that there will be no manufacturing License required in your country & then get an Import License in India which you can get within 10 days time & then sell to India even at 10 times higher. No one will be then bothered.

11. Please do not blame us later for not apprising you of the facts before.

12. So welcome to MAKE IN INDIA, My corrupt India & our PM'S NEW INDIA.

13. Lastly before coming to India you must also hire at least 15-20 security guards for safety as you never know that you might be caught on road by some animal activists goons who have killed several people in India.

We can also make a deal for our associate company which is again the First & only company in India to Develop & Manufacture a 4 Channel Real Time PCR system at low cost. The system can also be exported to several countries due to the low cost of production where you will not have to grease people.

But some of the above conditions apply.

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