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10 X TBE Buffer
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TBE (Tris Borate EDTA Buffer) is a widely used as electrophoresis buffer. This optimized buffer has high level of resistance to the joule effects, which occurs during prolonged high voltage during electrophoretic migrations.


Specification : Clear and colorless solution, RNase, DNase and Protease free.
Storage : Store at room Temperature, for long term store at 4°C


Cat. No. PRODUCT Pack Size Pack Insert
110481 10 X TBE buffer 100 ml 110481P
110482 10 X TBE buffer 500 ml 110482P
110483 10 X TBE buffer 1 liter 110483P


Note : These buffers are prepared in higher concentrations than the intended final concentration. The buffer should be diluted 50 times with dH20 to reach final concentration (1X).

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